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Your Memories

Your Friends

If you’re tired of all the noise in today’s social media, if you would like a platform for your actual life and your real friends, or if you’re just looking for a place to preserve your digital memories, Kiliaro is the answer.

Album Sharing

Let’s face it, the social media landscape looks very different today from what was originally intended. All those ads, celebrities and long-forgotten connections who keep relentlessly popping up.

With Kiliaro, you get a platform that’s free from all that endless noise.

Instead, our Album Sharing feature lets you share photos and socialise with your real friends in an innovative way, making lasting memories together.

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Only Kiliaro offers all this

  • A limitless gallery

    Tired of and confused by staggering storage prices? Kiliaro Unlimited gives you endless storage, so you can snap as many photos you like without ever running out of space.

  • 100% integrity

    Imagine a social media platform free from advertisement. Kiliaro don't make money from selling ads or data. We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right.

  • Private photo sharing

    Share your memories from events from your life with people you actually know for real. Share with those who care and fill your feed with friends again.

The perfect home for your photos and videos

With innovative features for storage, sharing, printing, editing and everything in between.